Diversity is Natural™ is a Web site dedicated to diversity-related topics in the legal profession. This site will feature timely articles written by prominent in-house attorneys, law professors, judges and other legal professionals. This site will address issues such as recruiting and retaining diverse candidates, career development, mentoring and career advancement, among others. In a time when there is a great deal of press about corporate diversity "initiatives," we hope to modify the dialogue so that diversity is not viewed as simply an initiative, and to discuss ways in which it is, and should be fundamentally part of the organization's culture. Diversity is Natural™ will prove to be a valuable resource for corporate general counsel, in-house lawyers, law students, and other legal professionals who want to cultivate and foster diversity as an organic and natural element of their business environment.

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New Publications

Making Diversity "Stick" in the Workplace: The Need to Equip Diverse Employees with Skills to Succeed
"Diversity, to me, is having an employee population that reflects the working population at large, including people from different races, countries, cultures, religions, ages, genders and lifestyles. Hiring a diverse array of employees is the easy part. Yet it cannot be seen as an end to itself, for if a company or a law firm is to retain those hires and to flourish as an eclectic business environment, it must equip those “diverse” employees to succeed." More...
Prominent Law School Dean Speaks on the Value of "Organic Diversity"
"In my career, I have found that genuine diversity is organic. While diversity that is contrived is a distraction at best, organic diversity has the capacity to transform your firm’s culture. And firms that achieve organic diversity will find that it is self-sustaining." More...
In House Counsel Discusses How Organizations Can Achieve "Strength Through Diversity"
"Diversity is synonymous with strength. It is absolutely necessary to survive and to flourish - that is true in nature and it is absolutely true in business world. Monoculture equals vulnerability." More...